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Curriculum & aims

Module 1  

CLIL teaching methodology 


  • You can understand how CLIL has been developed in the European context, which comprises CLT and the CEFR.(CLTやCEFRを背景にCLILはヨーロッパでどう発展したかを理解できる)

  • You can learn CLIL theory and methodology (definitions, the 4Cs framework, knowledge, etc.). (CLIL理論と指導法(定義、4Cs、知識など)がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL teaching approaches and methods.(CLILの指導方法がわかる)

  • You can understand CLIL materials development.(CLIL教材開発が理解できる)

  • You can learn CLIL curriculum and assessment.(CLILカリキュラムと評価がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL research.(CLILリサーチがわかる)

Module 2  

CLIL lesson study


  • You can learn CLIL teaching.(CLILの教え方がわかる)

  • You can understand CLIL lesson study.(CLIL授業研究が理解できる)

  • You can learn CLIL language learning activities.(CLILの言語学習活動がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL content learning activities.(CLILの内容学習活動がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL lesson study protocols including research lesson, observation, and reflective teaching.(CLIL授業研究プロトコル(研究授業、観察、振り返りなど)がわかる)

Module 3  

CLIL classroom management


  • You can learn CLIL class rules.(CLIL授業ルールがわかる)

  • You can understand CLIL class atmosphere.(CLIL授業環境が理解できる)

  • You can understand CLIL lesson procedures.(CLIL授業手順がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL lesson aims, practices and assessment.(CLIL授業目標、実践、評価がわかる)

  • You can learn CLIL lesson interactions and scaffoldings.(CLIL授業のやりとりやスキャフォールディングがわかる)

  • You can understand CLIL classroom flexibility and diversity.(CLIL授業の柔軟性や多様性が分かる)

Module 4  


CLIL activities

  • You can learn CLIL cognitive and communicative activities.(CLILの思考やコミュニケーション活動がわかる)

  • You can learn a variety of diverse CLIL activities to develop content knowledge and skills and intercultural awareness.(内容の知識や技能と文化間意識を培う多様なCLIL活動がわかる)

  • You can understand the importance of integrated activities in CLIL teaching.(CLIL

Module 5  

CLIL classroom language use  


  • You can learn CLIL language use in the classroom: language triptych, such as language of, for, and through learning.(授業でのCLIL言語使用(言語学習3点セット)がわかる)

  • You can learn bilingual use in CLIL classrooms.(CLIL授業での二言語使用がわかる)

  • You can understand how to consider languaging and translanguaging in CLIL classrooms. (CLIL授業でのランゲージングやトランスランゲージングの考え方がわかる)

Module 6  

English language teaching (ELT) and CLIL pedagogy


  • You can learn the basics of ELT for CLIL teaching.(ELTとCLILの指導の基礎がわかる)

  • You can learn the difference between CLIL and ELT.(CLILとELTの違いがわかる)

  • You can understand how to develop CLIL curriculum and assessment in your classroom.(授業でのCLILカリキュラムと評価をどう発展させるかわかる)

  • You can develop effective CLIL classrooms in your teaching context.(教える状況に合わせて効果的なCLIL授業を改善できる)

  • You can learn how to do reflective CLIL teaching.(省察的なCLIL指導のしかたがわかる)  

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